The Military Industrial Complex….Visualized.

Everyone thinks about the military industrial complex and envisions their own perspective of what those three words mean.  I can tell you first hand I have actually seen the visual depiction of this idea. Last week, I was lucky enough to attend the Association of the United States Army at the DC Convention Center.  My company has a booth there because it specializes in training, but on a cultural and civ mil level.  As I walked around the massive rooms full of tanks, humvees, bulletproof equipment, weapons, IED finders, helicopter models, thermo-binoculars, and basically anything else you could imagine at this comic-con scale convention, one has to wonder if all of this infrastructure is needed. This convention  gave a realistic depiction of what the defense budget may go to, and more importantly, gave me insight about technologies and companies that play a great role, but may not be as well known as Lockheed, Northrop, or BAE.  I cannot lie either and say I didn’t have fun either. But in a world where the United States is trying to convince others that our intentions are to uphold peaceful processes and means, it is hard to imagine these products fitting into a more diplomatic agenda.


Unfortunately due to copyright and security I cannot provide photos of the convention. Sorry for the disappointment.


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